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So i was thinking of taking on a balanced EV layout for my Victini & i heard that it wasnt very good.

the layout is- Hp 88/attack 85/defence 85/sp. attack 85/ sp. defence 85/ speed 85

why is this bad? wouldn't Victini get balanced stats with a balanced nature & this ev layout? im sorry if it is a stupid question, im still abit new to ev training pokemon.


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well, i wouldn't say it's a completly bad idea, except for you should tailor your ev's to suit the role you want the victini to do.

so if you want a victini that uses special attacks you wouldn't put any into attack since you won't be using your attack stat. if you want something to just take a beating and stall your opponent you'd go for def/s.def/hp.

although with 85's in 5 stats you are wasting an extra stat point you could get into one of them because you get one stat point for every 4 ev's in a stat up to a maximum of 255 ev's in a stat and 510 ev's total(so 252 is the max usefull value).

for example, i wanted a fast and deadly gengar. so my gengar has 252 speed, 252 s.attack, and 4 hp

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"If you are average in everything, you aren't good at anything."

By making your Pokemon's stats average, you weaken it as a whole. It is unable to perform any of the jobs you'll want it to perform as well. Instead, focus on making Victini good at what you plan to do with it.