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i don't know because catching some pokemon that are almost hard to capture is the cheating part but some of the other stuff is impossible, so it could help, i'm also asking because i'm a fan of nintendo and nintendo says it is just plain cheating.

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I think an action replay is definitely cheating because it allows you to do things that aren't intended for you to do. Ex. Walking through walls or trees. Another way it is cheating is using it for unlimited masterballs and this allows you to catch any Pokemon without trying and to me that is cheating

pretty much my view here.  If you can't do it with what the game gives you through normal play then it isn't intended to be done that way and counts as cheating.
Spot on. You're not *supposed* to be able to walk through walls, that's why it's impossible to do. Using AR means you are doing something you're not supposed to do, aka cheating.
with your answer you are right, I also asked because my friend wanted to get it to get 9 lugias. and if it wasn't I was gonna get a arceus and give all other 99 arceus to my friends