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My team:

Reshiram lvl. 59
moveset: Dragon Pulse, Slash, Extrasensory, Fusion Flare

Emboar lvl. 61
moveset: Blast Burn, Heat Crash, Flame Charge, Flamethrower

Haxorus lvl. 52
moveset: Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Slash

Krookodile lvl 51
moveset: Foul Play, Dig, Sand Tomb, Sandstorm

Unfezant lvl. 51
moveset: Fly, Razor Wind, Roost, Detect

Zweilous lvl. 58
moveset: Dragon Rush, Dragon Pulse, Body Slam, Crunch

please include items natures and stats/EVs
when i beated him my best pokemon was lvl 51!

what are EV's
ev's are effort values.  ko'ing other pokemon gives your pokemon effort values which boost your pokemons' stats depending on what kind and how many you've gotten.
Shouldn't this be on the battle subway?

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I know this this has been answered a few times but i feel i should challenge myself and try to answer this.

OK here we go

[email protected] Herb
Trait:Turbo Blaze of course
Role:Special Sweeper(Meaning , try and EV train it in Spc.Attack.You could Defeat a bunch of gengars)


         -Blue Flare(His Second SIgnature move,Better then fusion flare since you dont have zekrom)
         -Draco Meteor(Coverage,Stab)
         -Solar Beam(Coverage,With power herb works wonders on most Metagame teams)
         -Extrasensory(Just for a little more coverage)

This is the moveset you should have at level 100.


You already have Reshiram as your fire type.
Switch with Galvantula.You have a small,but still there, Weakness to flying.

Trait:Compound Eyes
Role:Special Sweeper


         -Thunder(Compound eyes compound eyes )
         -Bug Buzz
         -Energy Ball

Haxorus Is fine just switch out Dragon Pulse with Brick break and SLash with earthquake.

Krookidile.....Not so good.
Switch Foul PLay with crunch,Dig with Earthquake,
SAnd tomb with Stone Edge, and Sandstorm with outrage.

Unfezants fine although you could do with a water type, unless you find you really need one,
DOnt worry about it.

ZweilousIf you really want to keep hime evolve himHere is a link to his moveset page

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i'd personally replace him because i don't like using legends very often and he's a dragon.

i'd personally replace with either a darmanitan or a chandelure

this is the dragon i'd keep, he's a beast physically and i really hate how Hydreigon looks

I'd replace dig with earthquake(because stab earthquake is great), foul play i'd replace
with crunch because krookodile has good attack so why would you want to use the other
pokemon's attack most of the time, you could keep sandstorm but it doesn't really work
with the rest of the team really, and sand tomb i'd replace with whichever you like best
between brick break/stone edge/shadow claw/dragon claw.

i'd replace this with a sigilyph personally. then you'd have a pretty strong flying/psychic
pokemon on your team

i'd replace this(based purely on looks) although you could keep it as your dragon of
choice. but you gotta give up one or two of them and try picking up a few more
types that you can cover or get some moves on a few of these to cover some
types you currently aren't.

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what if i changed my Haxorus to an electric type? is that good or which pokemon do u recommend to replace him with?
using gen5 options only i personally liked Galvantula but people like Eelektross too. if you can get older pokemon Jolteon is a good choice.
where can i find a Tynamo (just cuz it looks really cool watching them evolve) and how can i train them faster?
plz answer asap, what kind of a move set is good for Sigilyph including fly?
for sigilyph i was using air slash for my flying move.  i don't much like the moves that take two turns besides thrash and it's type duplicates.  Tynamo's can be found in chargstone cave(the one with the electric rocks all over) at a very low chance.
I'd replace your Haxorus, because you already have a physical attacker, and replace it with a water type like allamola for better coverage
@ Idoggriffen

how about a Samurott (if i can get one in GTS)
Im not going to vote this down,cut i need to tell you, part of your answer is opiniated.Give (A) a good moveset for every pokemon (B)A replacement if need be ,why and a good moveset
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I would Change dig on your Kroocodile to flamethrower to KO bugs. And instead of Razor Wind use something like air slash so you don't take 2 turns to use a flying move. I noticed that you have 3 dragon types, you might want to change that. What is most important is that you do what you think you should do, uniqueness is the name of the game.

but which dragon shud i switch out? and way shud i change it to?
Krookodile has horrible Special Attack.