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ya i just want know a good moveset for deino

deino learnset

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Nature: Jolly
EVs in Attack and Speed
Ability: Hustle
Item: Wide-lens

Crunch: Stab
Dragon-Rush/Dragon-Tail: STAB or more acc. and switching
Thunder/Fire/Ice-fang: Coverage
Thunder/Fire/Ice-fang: Coverage

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Why Timid with a Physical moveset? and the EV's are Special attack!
Thanks for reminding me NJ
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Dark Pulse: stab+ flinch. Can be learned through breeding.
Dragon Pulse: stab. Can be learned through level up
Flame Thrower: type coverage. Can be learned through TM
(any stat raising or lowering move)

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Return isn't good type coverage, seeing as it isn't Super Effective against anything.
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Deino (M) @ Choice Scarf

Role: Mixed Sweeper / Revenge Killer

Trait: Hustle

EVs: Spd / Atk / Sp Atk

Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef)

  • Crunch
  • Head Smash
  • Draco Meteor
  • Fire Fang

Hustle makes anything physical's accuracy drop by 20% , but it gets a 50% Power boost.
Status and Special Moves, don't deal with this, making mixed fairly nice.

Crunch - STAB and The accuracy drop takes you down to 80% although you're gaining a 120 power move, not including that STAB boost.

Head Smash - 60% Accuracy? Well, this is goodbye.
It will become a crazy powered Suicide Move, with insanely risky Accuracy, Sign me up.

Draco Meteor - No hustle boost? 140 power STAB move, that will have 90% Accuracy, which becomes more than anything else on the set, This is your main revenge killing move.

Fire Fang - Dictator ship over the steel types.

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Wouldn't Flamethrower or Fire Fang be better Coverage against Ice types? Head Smash won't be very reliable against those... I was about to bulky Ice Types.

Never mind.

But why Frustration instead of a better coverage move?