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This a draft for my Pokemon Team, but the question is to do with Items and Abilities any advice or help would be most appreciated

Steelix = Steel/Ground
ABILLITY: Sturdy or Sheer Force
NATURE: Careful
ITEM: Custap Berry or Metal Coat
First Move: Stealth Rock
Second Move: Dragon Tail
Third Move: Iron Tail
Fourth Move: Earthquake

Kingdra = Water/Dragon
NATURE: Modest
ITEM: Left Overs
First Move: Surf
Second Move: Signal Beam
Third Move: Ice Beam
Fourth Move: Dragon Pulse

Metagross = Steel/Psychic
ABILLITY: Clear Body
ITEM: Expert Belt
First Move: Bulldoze
Second Move: Meteor Mash
Third Move: Zen Headbutt
Fourth Move: Ice Punch

Charizard = Fire/Flying
NATURE: Adamant
ITEM: Life Orb
First Move: Air Slash
Second Move: Brick Break
Third Move: Fire Blast
Fourth Move: Thunder Punch

Galvantula = Bug/Electric
ABILLITY: Compound Eyes
ITEM: Choice Specs
First Move: Bug Buzz
Second Move: Volt Switch
Third Move: Thunder
Fourth Move: Energy Ball

Venusaur = Grass/Poison
ABILLITY: Overgrow
ITEM: Black Sludge
First Move: Giga Drain
Second Move: Sludge Bomb
Third Move: Synthesis
Fourth Move: Leaf Storm

As stated up top, this is just to show my Pokemon Team, the current focus is Items and Abilities. any help is greatly appreciated ^_^

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All I can think of is that it would be better to give Steelix Sheer Force and Metal Coat.

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yeah... either Sheer Force + Metal Coat or Sturdy + Custap Berry... because lets face it, Steelix doesent really need Left Overs, he is a All or Nothing Pokemon woulden't you say?