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It knows self destruct already, and I like using that as a finishing move, but what others shall I give it? Beauty moves only please. I also like to have different moves to use whether I am at the start of the order, or at the end. By the way I am using emerald.

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beauty and claydol. Those are two words I never expected to be in the same sentence.

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You will see here that the only beauty contest moves Claydol can learn are Explosion, Selfdestruct,
Psybeam, Sunny Day, Flash, Ice Beam, and Light Screen.

Light Screen (1 heart) will let you not be startled at all.
Ice Beam (2 hearts, one jam) will startle those who use beauty moves.
Psybeam(3 hearts) scrambles the appeal order.
Sunny Day (1heart base) will give you more appeal points the more the crowd is excited.
Flash (3 hearts) will take attention away from the others.
Selfdestruct (8 hearts) will prevent you from preforming again.
Explosion (8 hearts) will prevent you from preforming again.

So, Claydol cannot actually learn any beauty moves that give you more points based on position. An all-beauty moveset is kind of limited because of that, but this is what I've come up with.

All Beauty Set:
- Explosion/Selfdestruct: Tons of points and no drawback when used as a final move.
- Sunny Day: Since you're going for a voltage raising set with the all beauty thing, why not have a move that reaps the benefits of a higher voltage?
- Flash: Kinda sad, right? But this will prevent others from peaking the voltage when they might have an opportunity. It also will provide a basis for voltage raising for Sunny Day.
- Psybeam/Light Screen: Order won't really make much of a difference for you with Psybeam, but it is the only move left to you that provides more than one heart. Your alternative is to play it safe and use Light Screen in case some jerk keeps trying to make you mess up. Either move can alternate with Flash for voltage boosting for Sunny Day.

I hope this helped.

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Thank-you very much. I won all the beauty contest thanks to this.