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Mine knows: Confusion, it learned that upon evolving and it kills poison and fighting type.

             Sleep powder, my butterfree's abilaty is compound eyes so both sleep powder and stunspore's accuracy is boosted to 100.
             Stun spore, good for catching pokemon and reducing speed.        Roost, restores hp.

            remember its a lvl 12, I started a new game so I cant just get any move you choose, it has to be easy to get at beginning of the game/ HEARTGOLD.
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You probably won't keep it for too long in the game. Bug types like butterfree are in the beginning of the game for you to fill your team. Its lacking stats will weigh your team down later in the game. So find more powerful pokemon to replace it. But until then, You can give it these moves for early in the game. you should probably find a replacement before going to morty (4th gym) by then, Butterfree will bee really out of place. (pardon the bug pun)

Sleep powder-Good against gym leaders, like whitney, giving you a chance to inflict damage.

STun spore- good to lower enemy speed, then switch to something more powerful.

Confusion-Already have it, butterfree's best offensive stat

Gust-Helps against bugzy while resisting bug attacks

I will keep it, and what about roost? It is great for regaining hp
I didn't suggest roost since it's pretty hard to come by, you only get one per game, so I would use it on a more powerful pokemon that butterfree. But since you plan on keeping it, that change matters, I could give a new moveset.