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quote from a user named blazikien from this question: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/26247/what-is-the-best-way-get-shiny-pokemon-in-pokemon-black-white

"I have a theory that the rustling grass has a better chance of shiny. I've captured two shiny audino this way
(no cheats) I can't prove it though."

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Nope, it is just chance. All encounters, regardless of what they are (unless it is 100% shiny or Masuda Method), have a 1/8192 chance to be shiny.

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Are you sure? Because i've seen this somewhere else too.
If blaziken can't prove it, then we can't say that it is anything more than a theory.
What are the chances with the Masuda method?
1/1024 chance I thinl
It really depends on the Pokemon you breed. If you breed, say a Japanese Mienshao with an English Ditto on an English game, the chance is 4/8192 for a Shiny (not gonna do the simplifying, do it yourself). If you breed, for example, a Japanese Mienshao with a French Ditto (not sure if they make French games, but bear with me) on an English game, then the chance for a Shiny is 8/8192. Just to clear a few things up.