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I have metagross/zen headbut/iron head/sluge bomb/pursuit

sizor/x scissor/iron head/strength/cut(i neded a pokemon with cut)

rimperior/iron tail/hammer arm/earthquake/rockwrequer

skarmory I just caught it and im traning him

kabutops/not the best moveset but/rock smash/surf/rock climb/ancientpower

magnezone/thunder/miror shot/discharge/magnetbomb

its my team on hg p.s I now my team kinda stinks but plz don't rate down

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It would be better if you have the moves with them, that is what makes your team.
There, you have the moves now and can someone answer my question plz
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This was posted before the Battle Subway existed, and even then it would need more info. Remove the flag please.

2 Answers

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GET AGGRON!! WIth the 5th best base defense and 10 types not very effective Even 4x the damage earthquake cant KO him!! With Rock Head Double Edge is unmatched plus Aggrons Amazing Attack!! Though my username is Swampert, AGRON IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE POKEMON!

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Try Aggron. This is a great Pokemon that I would have instead of Rhyperior.