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Mine knows:

Toxic: Stall with Shuckles defense. Inflicts toxic poison.

Sandstorm: To damage foes.

Double Team: To stop foes from hitting Shuckle.

Mud Slap: Lowers accuracy while also doing damage.

Shuckle learnset

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Icant think of a better moveset for Shuckle!
Yeah, I can't wait for this guy to get to level 100 so I don't have to use it anymore. I was thinking Power Trick, but then it would have low defensive stats.
In double battles you can use trick room to your advantage, and actually sweep with shuckle! Plus maybe you can give him a focus sash for defending against moves like bullet punch from scizor!
Shuckle (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Sturdy
EVs: 80 HP / 252 Def / 176 SDef
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Power Share
- Toxic
- Sandstorm
- Mud-Slap
Im the best of the best when it comes to move sets for shuckle you want:

Toxic: inflicts damage every turn
Protect: to stall when poisened
Sandstorm: to deal more damag each turn
stonde edeg/rockslide: in case you need to clean up with shuckle

WHatever you do dont teach it power swap! its terrible! it may switch its attack and defense and give huge attack but shuckle is one of the slowest pokemon of them all!
so it will just about always attack last.
How aboot this. Power trick power split guard split and gyro ball. Lead with a pokemon that knows baton pass and use moves that up attack and defense pass those to shuckle then use power split then power trick and depending on the pokemon guard split then just spam gyro ball to sweep team, you're welcome
I would stick Power Split or Power Share whatever to troll some Charizard X or Mewtwo or  Gyarados or something like that. Shuckle can do Defense Curl Rollout combo which combined with Power Split means that is one nasty Rollout. Add Rest and Shuckle will destroy everything! OR you could do a Contrary Shell Smash then Power Split rendering sweepers even MORE useless while making Shuckle beyond defensive! OR you could run a Trick Room Shuckle with Power Trick which will turn Shuckle into the ABSOULUTE SWEEPIEST SWEEPER OF ALL TIME!!! AND he has Infestation plus Toxic. Shuckle should be Uber. The peeps at Smogon must've forgoten about Shuckle.
Shuckle Strategy:

Uh...this is my first ever time trying something like this; sry if my opinion is questionable. Lol. Ok, so...i want to train a Shuckle for the Vgc Pkmn World Championships in the Master Division. I really believe that Shuckle's true potential can take him that well as other Pokemon who deserves a Champion's shine. With that bein' strategy for Shuckle would be this:


Ability: Sturdy
Item: Leftovers/Quick Claw
Nature: Calm/Bold
EVs: 4 HP/ 252 Def/ 252 Sp.Def

Power Split
Stealth Rock
Sticky Web

Now, I don't really know the logic about Pokemon competitive if this Shuckle is bad, then I'm sry. At least, I tried. Anyways, here are the reasons why I think this Shuckle could be good:

First off, I know that the only move, Shuckle has is Infestation. But, the reason why it has that is cuz to not only avoiding "Taunters", but, to also troll a lot of Pokemon, so that, your teammate can either: cripple em' or destroy em', when they're trapped in Infestation.

Stealth Rock and Sticky Web are obvious choices for Shuckle. I couldn't really decide between the two, so I just put both of them in. That way, in case some "Rapid Spinner" gets rid of one status, Shuckle can just bring the other one in, just to possibly sucker the opponent into using Rapid Spin multiple times. If you get both statuses in, then: #1: Thank the RNG gods and Shuckle. #2: Get rid of the "Rapid Spinner"!

Shuckle's last move: Power Split...was a very odd choice that I added, but, when I researched its usefulness, I realized that it could be extremely powerful to use.(i hope.)

Just to give an example of what it do, here are the kinds of Pokemon that Shuckle could severely cripple with Power Split(*Also, on a sidenote, if you're the kind of ballsy person to go to the Extreme, then, make sure you use Trick Room for some, if not all, of these "big bois"!):

*Aegislash(Blade Form)
*Metagross(Without Bullet Punch)
*Scizor(Without Bullet Punch)
*Tapu Bulu
*Tapu Koko
and etc.

This, can also work against Pokemon with Sp.Atk, although, this is slightly more dangerous:

*Tapu Lele
and etc.
(This is not 100% guaranteed. I just want to give Shuckle every opportunity possible.)

Now, when it comes to Shuckle's items and stats:
Maximum defences possible. No Speed. No Attack. No Sp.Atk.(Unless if you want to raise the chip damage for Infestation, a little bit.) Nothing. For items: Leftovers may help Shuckle use its Sturdy ability again, if you're lucky. Quick Claw is just in case, someone ruins Trick Room for Shuckle or you can pray to the RNG gods again, in case, you troll your opponent again before they troll you.

The only things that could ruin this Shuckle are:
Faster Pokemon
Priority moves
Status conditions
Things that can get rid of Trick Room
and Z-Moves that One-Hit K.O's Shuckle.

I hope this strategy for Shuckle is good for you guys or girls. Make sure to tell me what you think about it! (If I break any rules about typing my opinion, then sry. Like I said: first time I tried this.)

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double\triple battle shuckle

shuckle @ leftovers
Shell Smash: ups:def,sp.def, lowers:speed,atk,s.atk
Gyro ball/Guard split: gyro ball for attacking(in case of taunt) or guard split -share some defences to your teammate
Power split/Guard Split/Gyroball: gyroball and guard split same reason as above. Power Split weaken your opponents attacks.

trickroom support is recommended for this set.
my shuckle does not use gyro ball because around 70-80% of the time, my opponents doesnt have a taunt user on their team.(maybe im just lucky :P)

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Ability: sturdy
Item: leftovers

toxic- to stall
wrap- repeat damage evry turn
protect- spam to take no damage and increase poison damage
power split- use before wrap to max attack power and minimize foes attack

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Shuckle @ Leftovers

Trait: Sturdy
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef
Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd)

Shell Smash
Power Swap
Rock Slide/Stone Edge/Gyro Ball

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EVs:252 Defence, 252 Special Defence

Power Trick
Stone Edge
Power Split



EVs:252 Defence, 252 Special Defence

Shell Smash

Have Fun Killing Arceus`

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For the first one, Why have power trick but no attacking move? It makes no sense. He can not learn Trick room BTW. Also in #2 why have Gyro ball if your offenses are just shrinking and shrinking, you are not going to kill Arceus with that. I would throw Power split in.
hmm. makes sense, what SF said.
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This should be something for ya:

Shuckle, object: Pasio Berry

Ability: Sturdy

-Stone Edge (STAB, and high power)

-Earthquake (To get rid of Steel types)

-Rock Smash (To get rid of both Steel and Rock types)

-Sunny Day (Decrease Water type atacks)

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You know Shuckles attack is 10, right? How are you going to use it?
._. Sturdy will help it, plus some MORE ATTACK.
Well, it is unexpected at least.
I know, Flaafy.
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Hehe. Shuckle's Defenses are GIGANTIC, so Swagger will help Shuckle.
enter image description here

Shuckle @ Lum Berry

Ability: Sturdy

Nature: Hasty (+Speed, -Defense)

-Swagger (SUPER ULTRA GIGA IMPORTANT! Will maximize the foe's Attack, so Bide's useful)

-Bide (Lower defense for Shuckle means that can do a greant quantity of damage)

-Toxic (Stall, stall. Toxic's very useful in every single turn)

-Stealth Rock (YES! Entry Hazard moves are very useful on Shuckle, 'cause of its Attack)

YEAH! A Shuckle that can Stall, give an Entry Hazard and Bide more = EPIC SHUCKLE!

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Bide is not useful. What if I instead use buffs? Bide is wasted. I hate bide it is unreliable.
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Ability: Contrary - Because sturdy destroys the whole point of this little turtle. If you get 1 shotted you're doing something wrong..

EVS: Max out HP 128 Def and Sdef.

Shell smash. This will raise your defense to.. idk. Let's just say it raises his defense alot.

Toxic. Not much explaining.. it poisons your foe?

Rest. Because turtles need to rest after smashing its shell so many times.

Last slot could be SandTomb. What's more fun than trapping someone and letting it slowly die to poison while you take a nap? Double team works great aswell.. o.o
If double team doesnt work for you use mudslap.

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Personally, a pure stall set bores me, but I know stalling is Shuckle's specialty, so I have a Staller-Offense mix.

Careful Nature
EVs: HP 252 Atk 252 (although still terrible attack)

Defense Curl

Go with what you want, but this my favorite set on Shuckle. He is still reasonably defensive due to maxing HP, and he's gonna need all the boosts he can get to do damage anyway, so why not Rollout that doubles power every hit for 5 turns rather than a status move? And it still hits taunters, which appear a lot in Black and White.

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Needs power swap.
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Shuckle @ Leftovers
Role: Defensive Sweeper
Trait: Contrary
EVs: 252 Def/252SDef/6 HP
Bold Nature (+Def,-Atk)
-Shell Smash (With Contrary, you are essentially getting +1 Def and SDef)
-Rest (For HP regen.)
-Gyro Ball (With lowered speed from contrary shell smash, this will be doing some damage)
-Power Split (With already awful Atk stats, and with contrary shell smash, using power split will abolish the other Pokemon's Atk stats. This also boosts your own Atk, for Gyro Ball to do even more damage.)

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physical tank,yes,physical tank.

adamant nature(+atk,-Satk)

gyro ball

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This is THE BEST shuckle set ever!!! I have killed entire 6 Pokemon teams with this one Pokemon.

Shuckle @ Leftovers
Ability: Contrary
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SAtk / 4 Spd
Modest Nature
- Shell Smash
- Toxic
- Infestation
- Rest

Use shell smash, with contrary, it raises your defense and special defense. Use it 6 times, maxing out you defense, it becomes untouchable. If you get low on health, and your opponent is thinking, finally, i'm going to kill it, use rest, goes to full health. Then use toxic and infestation. Toxic will eventually do massive damage and infestation prevents them from switching and deals with steel types, immune to toxic.

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This shuckle would be 1hko by any rock water user without investments into both defenses. Garchomp 1hko 100%. Also greninja 1hko 100%. This list goes on and on and on.
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This build can be used for single battles, but for maximum effect, double battles are the best. Ability doesn't matter, but high IVs in def and spec def, as well as a fast trick room backup are a must. Turn 1: my speed tricker uses trick room, shuckle uses power trick. because shuckle is slowest Pokemon in game (with like 5 base, 0 IVs in speed and 0 Evs, my shuckle has single digit speed), shuckle will go last with power trick, thus all but ensuring that shuckle is not killed. Then shuckle can spam the rock slide/sludge wave/earthquake until other team dies. If you feel threatened by priority moves, make a substitute before you do power trick. Trick room will last for 5 turns. Most teams die in 3/4. (well most die in one cause they ragequit, but hell, I'm not counting the morons.) Some protect users have been able to outlast the trick room, but because they were so focussed on protecting themselves, they couldn't kill either my first trick roomer or my second. So: moves.
1: Power trick
2: Substitute
3: Earthquake/Rock slide/Sludge wave (Earthquake because...Earthquake, Rock slide = instakill STAB, sludge wave because...I like poisons
needless to say, I only actually use poison sting if you only have 1 or 2 Pokemon left, and if I feel like rubbing your face in it.
Unlike a lot of sweeping/trick room strategies, this one only requires one turn of buildup, and unless they can outspeed and 1 hit your trick room guy...its over. Game over, man. Game over. Shuckle should be in the ubers, but until they fix it, I am one of only a few, apparently, who has seen shuckle's sheer potential for a competitive team. I also use two wall shuckles in a real battle, both with 31 IVs and max EVs in def and spec def.
My wall build is as follows. (without contrary) needless to say, max EVs on def and spec def.
1: Toxic. (Do I really need to explain why?)
2: Protect The best single use stalling move
3: Double Team/Safeguard for making shuckle all but impossible to kill, or making it impossible to wear him down safely
4: Rest(if you have a Lum/chesto berry equipped) or Sandstorm to deal that little bit of extra damage
(with Contrary)
1: Toxic(hey, I like poisons!)
2: Shell smash Great when trolling an attack team, for reasons of the next move. or Gastro acid if with one of the greatest tanks of all time Slacking in a double battle. Otherwise put rest here.
3: Either Power split or Sandstorm goes here. Sandstorm helps Shuckle by dealing extra damage, although that may help your enemy if they have a Tyranitar or something of that sort with an evade boost.
4: Rest goes here if you don't have it already, otherwise put protect
so to recap, either
item: Sleep healing berry (Lum or Chesto)
1: Toxic
2: Shell smash
3: Power split
4: Rest
item: Sleep healing berry (lum/chesto)
1: Toxic
2: Gastro acid
3: Rest
4: Protect
Note: alternatively, you could forgo rest and put both attract and a leftovers on him, but its rather unreliable. I've played tournaments with over 200 people and won with my shuckles, so I would know.
Peace, shucksters!

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The only good sub on a shuckle is a passed one.
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enter image description here

Don't mess with this guy!
Ability: Gluttony Item: Leftovers/ Sitrus Berry Nature: Sassy (+ Sp. Def. - Speed) Ev's: 165 HP, 165 Def. 165 Sp. Def.

Sticky web
Stealth Rocks
Gyro Ball

So this is a lead (Duh) The first turn you can go for a substitute or you can just go for the entry hazards. His Ev's make him a defensive wall and Gyro Ball is just there to destroy everything and to make your terrible speed stat useful.

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Sub is a waste on a shuckle. Argue until your blue in the face, but it is true. His hp does not support it. Sturdy would be better so you can get atleast one of those off because contrary to popular belief Shuckle can and will get 1hkoed.  My favorite passer is drifblim because he can pass a healthy sub with stockpiles and a will-o-wisp support. If you are non compet. you can also minimize with drifblim and make a terror of a shuckle.
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Shuckle @ Leftovers/Lum Berry
Trait: Contrary
Nature: Relaxed

  • Power Split
  • Shell Smash/Sandstorm
  • Gyro Ball
  • Toxic

So easy. Just use power split, then use toxic. After that, set out your sandstorm (If you decide to have it there over Shell smash), but, if not, use Smash at least 2 times. power split one more time, then spam Gyro.

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If you are making shellsmash optional then contrary should also be optional with sturdy.
You do realise that Contrary + Shell Smash makes your Attack drop as well...?
Of course I do, but if you drop shell smash for sandstorm then is contrary not useless?
Also power split does not take into account the shell smash when averaging the stats.
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[email protected] Binding band
252 in both defenses and 4 in hp.
Bold or Careful nature
Shell smash(Reversed effect)
Rest(To heal and cancel status effects)
Power split(Lowers damage to you even further)
Infestation(Fixed damage plus band makes your attack not important)

You want to shell smash+ rest until damage pings you. Then you power split, and infest your target. Watch them struggle as you rest off damage while still hitting them with a boosted infestation.

You will need to watch out for his weaknesses as they will shut him down before you can start. Also a good screen user will make this set up sure fire.

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I would also like to add I removed toxic because of the steel types becoming more and more common which makes toxic a wasted slot.  You could go with toxic however be warned that steel types will wall your shuckle.
You can also make a surprise sweeper if you have older shuckle.

[email protected] Binding band
252 in both defenses 4 in atk
0 Iv's in hp.
Endeavor( Cripples anyone)
Infestation( Steady damage no matter what)
Power split( Cripples sweepers)
Open to your tastes.

Pretty simple sturdy lets you cripple with endeavor. If you have a wish passer you can rinse and repeat.
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Shuckle was mostly dislike because of its design but it has the most higest base stat Defense and Special Defense than all Pokemon both reaching up to 230, but it isnt offensive at all with both special and normal attack ase stat up to 10.

Item: Leftovers
Nature: Sassy or Relaxed
Ability: Contray
EVs: 252 Defense, 252 Sp.Def and 4 HP
Role: A bulky staller and switcher abuser
-Sticky Web
-Stealth Rock
-Shell Smash

When you use Sticky Web...whenever the opponent switches out, the next Pokemon that it switched in will have its Speed lowered. Use Stealth Rock so when the opponent switche to another it will get some damage. Use Toxic to give your opponent a little nasty surprise that will do more damage each turn but it wont effect other poison types and steel types! Due to haveing Contray as its ability it will raise Defense and Special Defense but lower the useless Attack, Special Attack and Speed this is just for Shuckle's bulk so it will last a bit longer.

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enter image description here

Alot - no and I mean ALOT of people attempt to use Shuckle as a sweeper with Power Trick - well I have news for you - that set is terrible. Shuckle's better off supporting its team with those amazing defenses.

Shucklin' (Shuckle) @ Red Card
Trait: Sturdy
Impish Nature
EVS: 216 SP Def, 40 Def and 252 HP
- Sticky Web
- Stealth Rock
- Encore
- Rock Tomb/Rock Smash/Infestation

Sticky Web and Stealth Rock are for both lowering the opponents speed, and dealing chip damage, respectively, Shuckle is the only Pokemon bar Smeargle that learns both Stealth Rock and Sticky Web, making it an amazing lead, and great defenses make it easy to set up. Encore is to punish those who set up on Shuckle expecting it to be setup bait. The last slot all depends on what you want Shuckle to do. Rock Tomb lowers the opponents speed, which can help your team in certain situations. Rock Smash is a move used for a similar purpose as Rock Tomb, except Rock Smash is for lowering the opponents defenses. Infestation is for trapping the opponent in, while dealing residual damage. Red Card is for getting some setup sweepers out of there, thus getting rid of their stat boosts in the process, as Shuckle is commonly used as setup bait.

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Shuckle (F) @ Leftovers
Trait: Sturdy
EVs: 252 Def / 4 HP / 252 SDef
Impish nature (+Def, -SAtt)

  • Toxic (No question there)
  • Steath rock (to damage switching foes)
  • Substitute(to let toxic do its thing)
  • Protect(also to let toxic do its thing)

This is this worst set to go against and is hard to beat. This set could beat a team by itself. pls leave comments about anything wrong with this set.

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Nature- Sassy
Ability- Contrary
Held Item- Chesto Berry
EVs- 200 DEF/ 200 S DEF/ 110 HP
- Substitute
- Rest
- Toxic
- Infestation

Shuckle is a very annoying Pokemon to go against once you see one prepare for a long stall fest with a substitute good luck dealing enough damage to Shuckle to make the substitute fade away. once toxic and infestation hits you might as well say oh well and deal as much damage as possible to this Pokemon.

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I call this one:

Bold Nature
Item:Enigma Berry

Rest (To Heal )
Stone Edge/Earth Power(You'll see)
Power Trick(Don't listen to the guy with most votes!!)
Rock Polish(To raise speed)

Now for the trap....

1.Use Rock Polish 3 times, if you get low use Rest.

2.Power Trick, now you may think that it's probably not a good idea because it will have the weakest defense and health out of all the Pokemons in the game, However, if the opposing Pokemon does attack, the sturdy will protect you.

3.Thanks to your enhanced speed(From the Polishing) and OP attack stats, you will probably be able to 1-Hit KO the opposing Pokemon.

This is my OP Shuckle trap....
if this helped you please give me that vote!!

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