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I traded my Samurott to a friend who is not someone you can trust, to help him with the Pokemon League. He defeated it, and just because he thought he finished the game, he sadly he deleted his game, and I need my starter Pokemon back BADLY!!!!!!!

Can anyone help me out?

I have a Oshawott (Female) if you want it.
Sorry I dont have Wi-Fi
I wish i could help but i dont have wifi and i dont have a samurrott
the same thing happened with my infernape
This is really old you know.
this happened with my Empoleon...   ;(

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Though there is no way to get your starter back you could do a GTS trade for a Samurott. If you do not have Wi-Fi however then you could get your friend to trade you his starter then restart it again.

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in this case, there is absolutely no way to retrieve your pokemon as they say on the screen "there is no way to recover deleted data."

ill give you mine i bred it so ill always have it with me i can give it up though
but can you take care of it