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If you trade a Pokemon holding one of the Apricorn balls from Hg/Ss to D/P/Pt? If you can, would they work?

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Blockquote While Apricorns and the Poké Balls that are made from them can be held by a Pokémon in Generation II, this is not allowed in the Generation IV remakes, as these items are not programmed into the other games of that generation. However, a Pokémon caught in an Apricorn Ball can be traded into Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, but the Ball will appear as a plain Poké Ball for as long as that Pokémon remains in the Sinnoh-based game.


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If the pokemon that was caught in a apricorn pokeball was traded to diamond/pearl/platinum and then traded back to soul silver/heart gold, would it revert back to it's apricorn ball or stay in a pokeball?
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No. They cannot be hold

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Really? I'm not trying to be a brat here, but can I have a source? because I'm trying to catch Giratina, and it would be awesome if I could use Heavy Balls on it. Also, if Master Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls can be held, why can't Apricorn Balls be held?