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Master Ball
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Nov 21 2011

Timid nature
Sep 6 2011

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Celebi: 100% Fake.
Deoxys: You CAN catch it in Kanto, so Poke Ball Deoxys is perfectly legit. However, if Deoxys has event ribbons, then that's fake as well.

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You can??? Where?
Checking everything, yes, Deoxys may be OK. It has Effort Ribbon, so thanx
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Celebi is Fake. It cannot be obtained without the GS Ball, which was only available in Japan. The Deoxys is also fake, as it cannot be caught in this year without being from the place called "Pokemon Ranger".

Also, please avoid asking these questions as you can check on the ribbons page if they are legit. If they have a Classic Ribbon, as all event Pokemon do.

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But they are from Kanto, and I thought that the dates are dates of transfer
I don't think that a Celebi in a Master Ball has ever been released,or a Deoxys in a Pokeball,I have both of them,and they're in a Cherish Ball,just like most Events.