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I have both a male and a female Blaziken, but I do not know how to chain breed a Riolu that can lean Hi Jump Kick.

did you already try breeding it-because it should work!
He has a male Blaziken. Read.

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  1. Breed your Lucario with a Ditto until you get a female Riolu.
  2. Evolve Riolu to Lucario via happiness during the day.
  3. Breed your male Blaziken that knows Hi Jump Kick with the female Lucario.
  4. You should get a Riolu with Hi Jump Kick.
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Breeding lucario with with ditto gives u 12.5% chance of getting a female riolu.
ONce the female riolu is obtained, it must be evolved to lucario(riolu cant breed as it is a baby).
Once u obtain the female lucario, u can breed it with a male smeargle that has sketched High Jump Kick and ur riolu have it as an egg move