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I all ready have 3 out of 4 moves figured out and need help with the last one.

  1. Waterfall
  2. Earthquake
  3. Hammer Arm
  4. ?? (i need one that can counter-act the horrible weakness to grass, preferably something that plays well off of the high attack.)

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Mine has Waterfall, Earthquake, Endeavor and Avalanche:
All of them are physical, because it has higher attack than sp.attack. Avalanche has basic power 60 but double if already hurt that turn, but mine has low speed too. Avalanche is good combination with Hammer Arm too, because it's lowering speed (if I remember well). So:
Waterfall: May flinch, STAB, high power, great accuracy
Earthquake: STAB, great power, great accuracy
Endeavor: very good but may not be so great with low speed
Avalanche: cover Grass-weakness, great accuracy, very good power with low speed

Descriptive, nice
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Possibly an ice move like avalanche

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If you add in avalanche, you would have the same moveset as my Swampert. And I am a master of training Swamperts

So everybody says choose Avalanche. That moveset is know by Three people here.
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Avalanche is the best possible move. Not only does it complement Swampert's high attack, it deals with Grass types. Also, when using Hammer Arm, the lowered Speed will make it more likely for Swampert to do double damage.

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Avalanche is a must have, as I can see with your move set. With that move you will be able to win in many different circumstances.

Feel free to correct my spelling:)
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You could probably teach it ariel ace - its physical, moderately strong, and never misses(it'll probably work, because I taught it to my feraligatr and swampert is also a water starter pokemon)plus its also good against bug and fight, 2 types that most water pokemon don't have advantegous moves against

It can't learn Aerial Ace.
It can't even learn any flying move at all...