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where can you find rare candys in black and white if possible to find some in areas possible to get to before battling the elite 4 for the first time (no i dont have an action replayer or game shark and am not planning to buy one) (im low on funds)?

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Rt1 rt3 rt13 rt16 desert resort. Pinwheel forest Nimbassa city
Battle subway(48bp) misralton cave. Chargestone cave. Twist mountain
Iciruss city(winter) anvile town. Victory road. Ns castle. Royal unova
Abundent shrine. Lostlawn forest
Sorry if there are a few spelling mistakes I'm on my iPod
Some of these can only be found with dowsing machine
I think you can also find them by using Pokemon like aipom as it picks them up I'm not to sure though

ive probably found some of them but thanks! :)
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thank you and ive beat the game so i can still use this and as you can NOW see you are the best answer
Thank you