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For example, a pokemon can be poisoned, constricted, trapped in a fire spin, and confused all at once. How many things like these can be done to a pokemon at once, doing damage to the pokemon?

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Let's see:
These inflict damage: Burn, Poison, Confusion, Badly Poisoned, Curse, Leech Seed
These cause damage: Magma Storm, Whirlpool, Fire Spin, Wrap, Bind, Clamp, Sand Tomb

So: Badly Poison, Confusion, Leech Seed, Curse, and Magma Storm/Whirlpool/Fire Spin/Wrap/Bind/Clamp/Sand Tomb can stack.


Binding moves do not stack.

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I meant how many of those can be stacked on a pokemon, like can fire spin, whirlpool, and sand tomb all be stacked on a pokemon at once.
Oh, it was worded differently in your question.
I know sorry I'm not good with things like what moves like Constrict or Sand Tomb are called I don't go as in-depth with technicality