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I noticed that Salamence learns fly after evolving from a shelgon and i wanted to know if any other pokemon besides salamence can learn an HM by leveling up

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Rayquaza, Seaking, Volbeat are those off the top of my head.

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Really, use Google before you ask questions like this; i found this page in less that 5 minutes.

(Gen 5)





Wailmer and Shellder also learn whirlpool by level up in HG/SS

And volbeat learns flash

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I think that is a little much to ask for.
And why would you say that?
First you only have Gen 5, second you can't ask for best answer.
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Shellder and Wailmer can learn Whirlpool (Along with various others in HG/SS) Seaking learns Waterfall, and Volbeat apparently learns one I don't know of.

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