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So once in a while, in the Garden, a message will pop up in Dream World saying that "Diglett has dug you a new row. You now have x rows of Garden plots" or something. (Where you plant berries by the way)

What determines when Diglett digs me another garden plot? Is the amount of Dream points? Is it the amount of berries I have? At what times will I be getting more rows for planting berries?

I just recently got my fifth row for plots, but please provide when you get your second, third, and so on for others.
(Also what is the maximum number of rows?)

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Two rows are available from the beginning for players to plant their Berries in, with each row containing spaces for three Berries. Diglett will dig additional rows when the player obtains a certain number of Dream Points. Currently, players can have up to five rows.
Rows Dream Points


So you get additional rows after you hit a certain amount of Dream points.

2 - Default
3 - 900
4 - 2100
5 - 3500

  • Edit from Sam:
    6 - 10,000
    7 - 20,000

    8 - 30,000
    9 - 50,000

    10 - 100,000*

After an update, more were added

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