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Hey guys, I need a Pokemon well suited for fighting Dragon-types; specifically Dragonite and Zekrom. I am open to suggestions. I prefer breedable, non-dragon, psuedo-legendary pokemon, but if there's a Pokemon out there that really owns Dragon-types, I don't mind you telling me (I'd like to hear all my options!). Below is a list of my current team. I'll take any criticism, going towards my team, as enlightenment. Thank you for your input!


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ice takes out dragonite in one hit

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I reccomend a Haxorus. With Mold Breaker, it ignores Multiscale on Dragonite. With Adamant nature and choice scarf, it should outrun both Dragonite and Zekrom, barring if Zekrom is Jolly.

Haxorus (M) @ Choice Scarf
Adamant Nature
EVs 252 Atk 252 Spe 4 HP

-Brick Break
-Dragon Claw

Outrage simply hits like a truck, Earthquake because it is earthquake, Brick Break is mainly for Ferrothorn which it gets hit hard by, and Dragon Claw if you are scared about being locked into Outrage for 2-3 turns.

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crYOGONAL because it is an incredible pokemon, with great speed, special defense, special atatck, along with GREAT movepool. It has moves like Ice beam, SolarBeam, and Sheer cold. Its ability is leviate. A good moveset is Toxic, Acid armor, Recover, and Ice beam.

Defense Moveset:
swagger to confuse and get a greater chance to make enemy hurt itself
Double Team to protect it if the enemy doesn't get hurt by confusion
Toxic to make the enemy get hurt by confusion and toxic
substitute/ice beam/hail

Attack moveset:
Explosion if your about to die
Ice beam to kill dragons and STAB
Flash Cannon to kill ground and rock types
Hyper Beam to finish off an enemy

Mixed moveset:
Substitute/protect to make your opponent waste an attack
Ice Beam/Blizzard to STAB
Rest/ sharpen Rest to make another substitute or Sharpen to make explosion better
Explosion/ Hail Explosion to make a last ditch effort to kill your opponent or Hail to make blizzard have better accuracy.

The movesets are in my opinion.

1) Flash Cannon doesn't cover Ground. It covers Ice and Steel. 2) Explosion is terrible, Cryogonal has pathetic Atk.
but to be fair if your going to die your going to have to die in style :D
Zekrom and Dragonite are mainly used as Physical Sweepers. What now?
one flaw with Crygonal is it's crap defense
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GYARADOS because it can learn earthquake for zekrom and can learn dragon moves by breeding its only weakness is that its very weak against electric but thats it

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i recomend a pokemon like frosslass movset icebeam psychic hail and blizzard

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if you find a steel type able to learn some ice moves that would be great