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I need some strategies for my Pokemon Card deck.
Phsycic energy: 12
Metal energy: 7
Fighting energy: 4
Water energy: 3
Cheren (Emerging Powers 91): 1
Energy search (B/W 93): 2
Switch (B/W 104): 2
Energy Retrieval (B/W 92): 2
Evolite (Noble Victories 91): 1
Druddigon (N.V. 101): 1
Litwick (BW 27 promo): 1
Lampent (NV 59): 1
Chandelure (NV 60): 1
Beldum (Undaunted 43): 2
Metang (U 30): 2
Metagross (U 18): 1
Pawniard (NV 81):1
Bisharp (NV 82): 1
Sandile (Emerging Powers 60):1
Krokorok (EP 61): 1
Krookodile (EP 62) :1
Trubbish (NV 48): 1
Garbodor (NV 49): 1
Gothita (EP 43): 1
Gothorita (EP 45): 1
Gothitelle (EP 48): 1
Sigilyph (EP 42): 2
Vanillite (NV 27): 1
Vanillish (NV 28): 1
Vanilluxe (NV 29): 1
Venipede (EP 38): 1
Whirlipede (EP 39): 1
Scolipede (EP 40): 1

If you're not familiar with any of these cards, search them on Bulbapedia or Google them or something.

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Woah, woah, whoa, WAIT!

You have too many of just 1 card. I understand the '2 Oshawott from B&W, and 2 Promos Oshawott' but you can't set up a 1-1-1 evolution line. Your gonna have to get rid of some evolution lines and add more of the same card that you have. So, maybe a 4-3-2, 3-2-3, 3-2-1, etc.

And theres NO way to have 4 different energies in the deck. You'll never find the right one, even though you have energy searches. The best way is to have 2 different energies TOPS. Or even just one, for say, a grass-normal, 20 Psychics-2 Normals, and more.

And then, you need more less energy, and more trainers! Add more Cheren's, pokemon catchers, and Pokemon Collectors.

But lets all just wait for Trachy to make the cuts for you. XD
Sorry, I'm new to the card game. But I will definetley make some changes .
Oh, that makes sense. Thanks!
Your welcome. But what were you saying about Oshawotts? I don't have any Oshawotts in my deck right now.
It was an example. I was trying to get at: I'm not saying you can't use the same pokemon from another series. So you can have 4 different pansage, but each from a different series. That make sense?
Yeah, that makes sense.

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Deck Mechanic trachy

Note: I don't really care if you have the cards or not. I don't have psychic powers which tell me which cards you do or don't have.

Okay, since you are new to the game, let's cut it down to one type. Decks of one type are far easier to use than decks of multiple types. Once you get more advanced you can add in a second type to work in some strategy, but for now, basic.

So that means we cut out the Vanilluxe line, the Krookodile line, the Metagross line and the Bisharp line. Then we take out all those energies, leaving just the Psychic. That leaves space for 26 more cards.

First things first is the Pokemon. It is for one thing never a good idea to have more than two Stage 2 evolution lines in a deck. Second, you need to bulk up the evolution lines a bit. For ease, we'll have it just be one Stage 2 line. Okay, so let's now take out the Chandelure and Scolipede line. That puts our cards at 32 new ones. We'll then add three more Gothita and two more Gothorita (swap out the one you have for this this one). We'll then strengthen the line further by adding one more Gothitelle . We now have room for 26 cards again. Then we'll take out the Garbodor, as it isn't the best Stage 1. However, I do like the Trubbish. It might not be the bulkiest thing in the game now but it has a great ability to get you Trainers you need or to help fight decking. So we'll add one more Trubbish, bringing the total to two. 26 cards left. Now let's add two Muk from the Undaunted set and three Grimer . Muk has a very nice Gust of Wind attack that also Poisons and Confuses, which allows its second attack to do 80 damage for three energy. Solid. And now at 21 cards. Let's add in one more Sigilyph and call it good for the Pokemon.

Now for trainers. We have room for 20 more cards, so a good number can go to Trainers. Add one more Cheren, then take out the Energy Search. Then let's add three of the awesome Pokemon Catcher cards. . 18 left. Let's add in three Team Rocket's Trickery from Undaunted, these cards give you drawing while also making your opponent discard a card. Very nice. Then we'll add in two Rocky Helmets and three Pokemon Communications and call the Trainers good.

Add in 8 Psychic Energy to bring the total to 20. Then add in two Double Colorless. Now you have a solid deck that should be easy for you to use. It also has a bit of an Energy Removal thing going on, at least as far as you can get with only cards from the first three Gen V sets and the Undaunted set.

Final Deck

Pokemon: 20

x2 Trubbish (Noble Victories)
x4 Gothita (Double Slap) (Emerging Powers)
x3 Gothorita (Deleting Glare) (Emerging Powers)
x2 Gothitelle (Mental Shock) (Emerging Powers)
x3 Sigilyph (Psychic Assault) (Emerging Powers)
x1 Druddigon (Noble Victories)
x3 Grimer (Undaunted)
x2 Muk (Undaunted)

Trainers: 18

x2 Cheren (Emerging Powers)
x2 Switch (B&W)
x2 Energy Retrieval (B&W)
x3 Pokemon Catcher (Emerging Powers)
x2 Rocky Helmet (Noble Victories)
x3 Pokemon Communication (B&W)
x1 Eviolite (Noble Victories)
x3 Team Rocket's Trickery (Undaunted)

Energy: 22

x20 Psychic Energy
x2 Double Colorless Energy

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This sounds good, but I only have two  Sigilyphs, I have no Grimers or Muks from Undaunted, I have no Pokemon Catchers, No Team Rocket's trickery, and no Double Colorless energy.
Thanks for reminding me. My standard message was forgotten.
I'm not sure wether I should say sorry or your welcome... I guess bolth.