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I always hear on this site about eviolite. I don't know what it is.


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An Eviolite isn't exactly what Firetyperuler said. An Eviolite Stone is a hold item that raises the Defense and Special Defense of a Pokemon that can still evolve by 1.5x. So, a Dusclops could use this item well, but a Dusknoir couldn't.

Source: Ask any professional battler that uses Chansey or Dusclops.

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It makes their defs 1.5 not 2X
In the games it says that it raises it sharply, meaning two stages. Two stages means that it's 2x.
Well when duscolops holds it it's defs become 195 not 260
What's your source for that?
Oh, thanks for that. Checked on Smogon too, it's the same.
Your welcome just correcting because you had the prevolved info :)