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Could you list them all and their type specialties?

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Roxanne-rock (creative name huh?)
Brawly-fighting type (another cheesy pun)
watson-electric (come on, really?)

the 8th gym leader will be one of 2 people, depending on which version you have.

If you have:

Ruby/sapphire: Wallace-Water


steven is the champion in ruby/sapphire. But wallace is champion in emerald.

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By the way, you forgot to mention the Norman pun. There's also Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, GIOvanni, Blaine (like blaze), Bugzy, and many more.
I try not to think about them. All these puns make me sad..
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(running like sonic the hedgehog) You're too slow!! and I'm reclaiming my rightful place as rank #3!!
You're welcome to #3. Although I could beat you in Brawl any day.
Wanna bet. I'm one of the rarest brawl players you will ever meet. Because I use falco as my best character but DON'T SPAM ATTACKS!! can you believe it!?
I love Falco! He is my fourth favorite character after Metaknight, Ike, and Marth (I love up close characters.) It would be a refreshing break from facing Pit over and over again. He is so unfair!