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It says move power but I want to know if its pretty much the same thing as a 30% boost to both attacking stats. Lets say for example a pokemon had 230Atk stat holding a life orb. Would that be 230x30%=299?


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Life Orb does not work like that Gengar; Life Orb boosts the power of the move, not stats.
So the amount of power you gain would vary depending on move.
So if you were to use Earthquake (100 power), Life Orb would increase Earthquakes power to 130 (100+30).

- 03.05.2012 10:49p

so say a ground type were to have the lifeorb and use earthquake how would it work then? would it just be 180% or 100x1.50x1.30= 195?
100+50+30 for 180 because you add modifiers together, not multiply it again.