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I put my friends male Reuniclus and my ditto in the daycare but the man says"The two seem to get along." What do I do?! (and no egg appears) EDIT: the egg came after going over skyarrow twice :)

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You should do some steps around. After some steps you will have the egg. Go to the Skyarrow Bridge and the up and down, again and again. Also this message "The two seem to get along." is good .

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You just wait eventually the two will have a baby solosis. As long as he never says "The two pokemon seem too play more with other pokemon instead of each other" you will get a egg.

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>- Different species, different ID numbers
The chance of getting an egg is 49.5% (has a value of 50). The old man in the Day Care will say: "The two seem to get along."
>- When there are two compatible Pokémon in the Day Care, for every 256 steps that the player takes, the game will decide whether the old man has found an egg

Basically, every 256 steps, you have a 49.5% chance of getting an egg.

Just be patient. It Is A Virtue.