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all the move sets i saw had 4 generation move in the set and i only have it in my emerald game.

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I'm not that great at movesets, thats the gen.3 page for Kingdra

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in gen 3 a good moveset could be:

dragonbreathe /dragon dance : his best dragon move and chance of paralysis or power up attack and speed to boost power of body slam and waterfall.

ice beam : good power coverage takes care of only weakness.

surf/waterfall : stab good power waterfall for flinch chance.

body slam : good power chance of paralyzing works well with waterfall.

that's the one i used and it worked pretty well.

thank you its hard finding agood set with kingda
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These two movesets are arguably the best for Kingdra, each aimed at fulfilling a different style of play.

Stat-Enhanced Tank Kingdra - Leftovers, Persim Berry
Bold Nature
Rest - HP heal, cures status, helps stall
Double Team - Makes each successive Rest more worthwhile
Surf - Some people use waterfall because of flinch, but it really isn't that great. Go Surf.
Ice Beam - Grass that resist Surf and Dragon threats, freeze

Sweeper Kingdra -
Lonely or Neutral Nature
Dragon Dance - Attack and speed up
Return - 102 at max power and uses the raised Attack stat and for other Kingdra
Surf - STAB, hits two enemies (doubles)
Blizzard - High powered, Grass resist Surf, kill Dragons, freeze, hits two enemies (doubles)

I own both these Kingdras and do very well with them, both "In-Game" and against humans.
Hope you've been inspired!

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Here is a decent moveset that worked well for me in gen 3

-Hydro pump/Water pulse/Surf (STAB, Power or acc, if wp chance for confusion) Edit: Also surf for decent power and acc, if you don't care about confusion

-Ice beam (Coverage)

-Dragon breath (STAB, parahax)

-Toxic/rest Regen hp/Stall or force switch

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All the previous movesets posted seem to forget about the physical/special split having occured in Gen IV. Gen III still had type determine if a move is physical or Special.

I completely agree with the smogon set and it is what I would have used.

Rain Dance
Hydro Pump/Surf
Ice Beam