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I'm agitated that it takes a whole 110 days to get Bagon on SS's Safaria Zone.
Is there anyway to speed it up? Do the Objects have to be in ALL six areas or just one?

many people say this works, however this did not work for me. But maybe I miscounted the days. But heres how to do it according to the people: After you've placed all the items for bagon to appear,save the game and turn it off. Set the clock to 23:59 and wait a minute until its the next day which is 24:00. Repeat this process 110 times. And just place 9 forest objects and 19 peak objects just in the swamp area, nowhere else
PS: It took me 3 hours to do this process only to find out that it didnt work.
It should work.

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No. you just have to wait.

Literally 110 calender days (not game-time days) until Bagon is available.  Source: my experience.
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No, but for waiting, if you can be bothered you can put your DS system on the charger and leave it on for that 110 days.

Doesn't seem realistic for Nintendo to do that... 110 days x 24 hours of game-time?
The DS clock runs when its turned off anyways, so there really is no need to even keep the system on.