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I'm not that sure what it is used for.

Sorry, I looked at serebii shortly after asking the question. Go all the way down.

All right, I see, I was going by this and it says "abilities" plz vote me back up.  http://pokemondb.net/ability/unaware
That's fine. I think it needs clarifying. As you can see, I didn't know what it did also.

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Unaware protects you from your opponents stat changing moves.

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It protects you from your opponets moves that change your Stats. For example, if your opponet uses growl, it will do nothing, but if it uses swagger, you will not get better attack power. (correct me if I'm wrong)
Hope this helps:)

Wrong, you look at this, too: http://pokemondb.net/ability/unaware
It says it on the page ohioscyther is showing.
I put that page and you are wrong!
See you are wrong !
All right I admit it, I was going by this and it turned out to be wrong :
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I think it makes the pokemon unaware to ability changes. For Example a Gardevoir has the ability "trace". It copies the foes ability "unaware". This has no effect because of the ability, basically, no pokemons ability can change while the "unaware" pokemon is out.

It has nothing to do with abilities!
I looked at a pokemon guide and it has does have nothing to do with abilities. Lets go test it out.
No youre right, this site is wrong I was going by this and it says ability http://pokemondb.net/ability/unaware    Plz, plz vote me back up.
Alright I will vote you up!