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I know that stab increase the move of the same type of the pokemon by 1.5
But is that pretty much the same thing as their attack/sp attack being stronger by 1.5 and the move power stays the same?
Ex. Lets say steelix had attack stat of 200. And earthquake is 150 power with stab. But is that pretty much the same thing with his attacking being 300 because of the 1.5 boost and the earthquake stays 100 power? And would the amount of damage be the same for 150 earthquake with 200Atk and 100 Earthquake with 300 Atk? I really dont get the difference between move power and attack/special attack power

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The Attack stat is a stat which determines the power of a physical move. Basically, the higher your Attack stat, the more damage your Moves will cause. STAB has no relationship with the Attack stat because this occurs with all Types. The same goes for the Special Attack stat. So in your example, Steelix's Earthquake causes more damage the higher it's Attack stat is, not how it compares to the STAB boost.

Hope you understood this :)

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Nverted: Ok then let me ask you this, There were 2 pokemon, a steelix with an attack stat of 200 and a snorlax with an attack stat exactly 300. They both had to vs lets say a sandslash. Say sandslashes hp was 354Max and when steelix attacks sandslash with earthquake, sandslash lost 100 Hp which his Hp is now 254. Then Snorlax attacks Sandslash with earthquake, would that be the same amount of damage? Would Sandslash lose around 100Hp also compared to steelix's attack?
So basicly Im asking if a pokemons attack with 200 with stab earthquake and a pokemons attack with 300 with non stab earthquake do the same amount of damage
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I'm pretty sure Snorlax would cause more damage because it has the superior Attack Stat. Even with STAB Earthquake, it won't do more than Snorlax would.
You can test this yourself by running Stat Calcs, btw.
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Move power is the percentage of your base stat power that it is able to draw out of your Pokemon. In your first scenario, Steelix draws 150% from his base attack stat (200) because of the STAB increase, so technically his total attack becomes 300. With your second scenario, steelix draws 100% from his base attack (300) without STAB. The damage dealt would equal the same. So yes, it is theoretically the same thing.

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