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i tried to get a shiny stone to evolve my roselia LV.67 but i cant find the stone and i have picked up every single pokeball shaped item that i can find and i keep on getting shards and pokeballs and nothing else.and i am bursting for a roserade!!!

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which game do you have??

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There are FOUR in the game:

  • Iron Island- In the last room.

  • Route 210- In the Northern (foggy) Section, South of the pit between the climbable rocks (requires Rock Climb) (hidden).

  • Route 228- At the end of a narrow bridge south of the pair of Pokémon Rangers

  • Ability "Pickup"- Click here for a table on how likely you can get aone and at what level.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Shiny Stone

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thankyouthankyou!!!! i have got a roserade i cant thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lolz your welcome. Enjoy your Roserade.
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You can find a shiny stone in Platium here: Route 228, Route 210, Iron Island, Pickup Ability
Hope I Helped :D
Source: http://www.serebii.net/

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