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I'm playing Soul Slilver, and I just got the HM Fly. Since I'm in Cianwood City, I have to teach it to one of my flying types so I can get back to Olivine. I have a Fearow, a Noctowl, a Farfethc'd, and a Pidgeotto,and they're all around level 25. I was wondering which Pokemon would it be most advantageous to teach Fly to? Please answer!

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I would teach it to fearow since it has the highest attack, but if you want speed on your side to dodge the 1st instead of the 2nd attack, I would use pidgeot or fearow. Noctowl lacks the attack for it to be effective in battle, same goes for farfetch'd.

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It really doesn't matter. Fly is quite good and strong Flying attack, so teach it to that one you want to train, maybe:))

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Well, you can always Surf back to Olivine. I personnaly would,t teach Fly to anyone, but if you want to because you haven't beaten the game yet, I would teach it to the Pokemon that you are using the least. Or, if you're going to use it a lot, the Pokemon that is going to be on your team the most.

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If you use all of them alot, teach it to all of them. Its a good move and this way, youll still have whichever one you decide to keep using.

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I don't understand why you like Fly so much.
Its a pretty good move, and I use it alot. I hate having to go into my pc just to get a pokemon with fly plus with STAB it can be a great move.