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Both snorlaxs iv seen stuff about some pokeflute but no question asking how its done in LGFR, im confused and i don't know how to move the fat things!

When you wake him up and after u catch it,
use item finder at the exact spot where the snorlax was
u can get the leftover

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You have to first go to Celadon City and beat Giovanni to get the Silph Scope. You then go to Lavender Town and beat Marowak and the Rocket people to rescue Fuji. He gives you the Pokeflute that awakens Snorlax and allows you to go to Fuscha City. I suggest catching one because they're very rare!

you can find two snorlax's btw xD
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OK, here are the steps in order to wake him up
1.Go get the Pokeflute
2.Go up to Snorlax and press 'A'
3.He'll wake up, and you'll go into battle
4.Catch him if you want, and go ahed to the next city

This is a video on getting the Pokeflute, if you're stuck.

Hope This Helped :D