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I was just wondering why and know, curiosity. my friend just got a female starter (don't remember wich one -____-) in soulsilver. im so jealous haha so how rare IS it?

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Totodile- male-87.5, female-12.5

cyndaquil male-87.5, female-12.5

chikoritamale-87.5, female-12.5

This applies to all starters.

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Wow! she got realllyyyy lucky then. I once got a female mudkip in sapphire, but my little cousin was playing with my game and she decided to make a new game. -____- she did't really realize what it meant....
Oooh, quite the numbers einstein
You can breed pokemon for multiple chances.
You Right on 1 thing DarkTyphlosion, but having a Starter is Better than having a Breeded Pokemon.
The bred pokemon are starters though...that's the point.
ONCE I GOT A FEMALE PIPLUP. She had about 10 sons
I GOT A FEMALE CYNDAQUIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's my fav pokemon lols!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy to see you're so enthusiastic but most of us don't care and your repetitive and mostly useless comments are clogging up the PokéBase.
Dude just chill let them post their own comments
JCM has a point, the comments aren't do you can tell everyone that you got (insert polemon here), that's what the chat is for. And he's right, no one really cares, we are happy for him that he got it, but no one is really going to care too deeply that someone else they've never met got a pokemon.
U gotta point but he could have just said that instead of flipping out on them
If you call that flipping out.... I kept my calm, no exclamation points or rudeness. And it's not ''them'', it's one person in particular.
REPETETIVE!!!!!!???!!!!!! MOSTLY USELESS!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!! i can see how you want me to stop, but that's just mean. do you do this to the million other members on this site? btw B3N "you're happy that SHE got it"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway, fine. i'll just stop putting down comments. maybe cancel my membership. wtv.
What membership? And it wasn't mean, i was just saying the truth.
i know. i'm just...emotional. i guess most of my comments are about the pokemon i'm getting....sorry.
No, it's ok. Just, next time, try to put meaningful comments, not just about yourself, ok? And my intention was not to be mean, sorry.
okay. let's just stop here. this forum's about fun, and pokemon, and movesets, and unicorns and butterfrees!
Keldeo = unicorns
But whatever. I managed to get a rarer female starter, so #luck.
Lol I always got a female starter.
Venusaur: female
Swampert: female
Empoleon: female
But Emboar: male.
It broke the train D:
bromance above watch out
the conversation about posting meaningful comments is meaningless! just let them post what they got instead of telling them no one cares and the shouldn't do that. it helps so you can SEE how many people are getting the female starters