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I started new game in SS and I traded these pokemon in: Eevee, riolu, pichu, totodile, charmander, larvitar

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As Pichu said, Eevee is only good if you want the psychic one. If not, replace it with kadabra or Alakazam(if you trade Kadabra it will evolve)so yo have a strong psychic type. Rioul is not a very good pokemon until it evolves. Lucario is one of the best pokemon ive ever had though. So try to get Riolus happiness up as fast as possible ifyou want to keep him. If you don't want to keep him, Machoke, Machop, And Machamp(if you trade machoke he will evolve) so you have a strong fighting type. No Pichu. Its completely useless, and so is pikachu. Riachu is ok, but if you want a good electric type, I trade yourself an Electrabuzz or Elekid. Electrubuzz is really good and Electrivire is better, for later in the game. Now You have a strong Electric type. Instead of totodile, replace it with Mudkip(it was probably pedicted that id say this) as Swampert as an EXCELLENT Moveset and only 1 weakness. Pick cyndaquil instead or if you want some defense on your team, Chikorita. Charizard is an amazing choice as he is one of the strongest pokemon ive ever had. He is a must.

So overall, I would go with Eevee, Riolu, Elekid/buzz, Mudkip, Cyndaquil, and Charmander.

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Who voted this down and why?
I see this as a good team, faces well against the gym leaders and the elite 4. I'm voting it back up.
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Eevee is good when you want a phychic type so its a keeper, if you want to get a espion though. larvitar kind of remind me of all that torture and pain when I was a training a dratini. so hes kinda out, his tyranitar effect is kinda annoying too. I hate hail and sandstorm totodile seems okay since feraligator is pretty tough. I recommend cyndiquil because typhlosion is stronger, but feraligator is useful in the elite four battles if you teach it ice moves. charmander?? well I love charizard but....well sure if your not choosing cyndiquil, then take charmander too. now about riolu, im not really a big fan of diamond and pearl. im not sure about a lucario either so im sorry. but if its steel you want its good. and the fighting comes along good too. oh and about those. I think its not possible to keep those pokemon in the game. I meant like make them evolve. riolu isnt gonna evolve til you get the national pokedex, other than that they're all good. ohh, pichu...its not a good pokemon, its my number one top pokemon, but in the games, even raichu suck more than a joltion, and it evloves 3 times....hope this helps!

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Riolu only needs to level up in the daytime while its happiness is high to evolve. Nothing regarding the National Dex is restricting Riolu from evolving into Lucario.