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I am planning on working on a festivity team such as a Christmas team or a Halloween team. Problem is that whenever i choose a festivity, such as Easter's Day, there isn't enough Pokemon to represent that day. In the answer of this question, i would need:

1) A festivity or a day ( such as Mother's Day, etc)
2) Six Pokemon that represent that festivity or that day.
3) I would like a team that is unique, not a Mother's Day team or Christmas team because they already have been asked on this website.
4) If possible, please include EVs, moves, etc.

I live in Canada so here is a list of holidays and such for you to consider:

Holidays and Observances:
Jan 1 New Year's Day
Jan 6 Epiphany
Feb 2 Groundhog Day
Feb 14 Valentine's Day
Feb 20 Family Day (AB, ON, SK)
Mar 12 Commonwealth Day
Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day
Apr 6 Good Friday
Apr 8 Easter Sunday
Apr 9 Vimy Ridge Day
Apr 9 Easter Monday
May 21 Victoria Day (Most regions)
Jun 21 National Aboriginal Day
Jul 1 Canada Day
Jul 2 Canada Day - statutory holiday
Aug 6 Civic/Provincial Day (Many regions)
Sep 3 Labour Day (All)
Oct 8 Thanksgiving Day (All)
Oct 31 Halloween
Nov 11 Remembrance Day (Most regions)
Nov 12 'Remembrance Day' observed (Many regions)
Dec 11 Anniversary of the Statute of Westminster
Dec 24 Christmas Eve

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We don´t have a thanksgivings day here in Sweden :)
Too bad, that day is awesome :P

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Thats my opinion on how a good halloween team would look. If you want some movesets, EVs, good items and good traits i can make that too :) And for a Canada day team, I will use some red and white pokemon (such as Zangoose and Braviary) or pokemon with leafs on it´s body (such as Leafeon and Torterra).

Wow, this is an amazing team! Thank you so much for your help :D