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Goldeen and caterpie and slowbro and machamp have technically the same growl, why?

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I noticed this too!

It's the same with Rhyhorn and Charizard... =S
They have the exact same growl.
I've noticed that too!  a bunch of pokemon have the same growls, and more have almst the same growls. how weird!
Delibird and lugia too.
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They just reused the sound for the move growl, they usually use their cry, but there's no particular reason.

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You mean the comment from the last question? that wasn't me, that was the user houndoom, it's been removed anyway.
If you've noticed, it was only in the first generation of games. I think this was because of limited memory space, so they just reused the same cries.
actually, there was enough room left in Gen 1 games to have a pokedex all the way up to torchic.