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//Ye, I'm talking about GTS//

Let's say, that I have a level 30 shiny Shaymin //and I have:)//. He's caught in a Master Ball in Flower Paradise, at level 30, which may refer to a legit Shaymin too. It knows no special moves, so: Is there a way to check my Pokémons' legality? Please help...

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What do you mean?
Cool question...
OK, now I know that my shiny Dialga is hacked, but what 'bout Shaymin??

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You can check the trainer ID number, if it says something like 00000 or 12345, then that is sign that it could be hacked. though not guaranteed, look at what pokemon the person wants for it. Think about it, if I just worked hard to legitimately catch some really rare pokemon, do you think I would trade it for something like a dragonite or garchomp? I could easily get those in most games, so I would probably trade it for a really rare pokemon. If it's hacked, they could easily make another, so they have lower standards for what they are willing to trade for it.