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This is in EOT. Is it because i stole from the kecleons to get a thunderstone?

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You are thinking of the wrong Pokemon. Magneton doesn't evolve that way- Scyther does. You can obtain Coronet rocks as mission rewards and you can buy them @ Kecleon Shops.

Here is a WM (Wonder Mail) code for a mission that rewards you with a coronet rock. And honestly, I think this would be the best answer if I were you. This works for EOD as well.

T%1N TK-7 2CY2 J8J5 NR#H 4Q&R

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You need a Coronet stone to evolve it, not a Metal Coat and Link Cable.
Coronet Rocks are purchased at Kecleon's shop.

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Read my answer.
What missions and what dungeon -_-
Is there a wonder mail code?
there, edited
just come on chat, if you can -_-