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I got a Conkeldurr from GTS I suspect it was hacked, and planning to get rid of it if it will cause my game to be destroyed, but if not I will keep it.

Here it is:
Conkeldurr lvl 27
Serious nature
Pinwheel Forest
Apparently met at Lv.15
Hates to lose
It has Pokerus.
Ability Sheer force

If it was hacked will it cause harm on my game? Or not and I should keep it?

Thanks! Idk why people still asks for impossible trades if those glitches on GTS were already fixed.
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070812221042AA5Mjo2 i was right
You can trade saved and gen pokemon as i said but not hacked pokemon on gts.
Yerp its true cuz i reaaaaaaaaaally wanted that Shiny Reshiram so i hacked a lv. 1 Zekrom and i be like darn they ripped me off then i released it then someone told mer its imposssible to get shiny Reshiram so it is possible to offer a hacked pokemon on the GTS and in GTS negotiations you can't trade hacked pokemon either because it will say "there is one or more party pokemon that is needed..." lolwat
LOL. .Thanks again guys.
no prob

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Level: OK
Location Caught: OK
Level Met: OK
Ability: OK

PokeRus: Any Pokemon can have it.

I'm going to say no, it is not hacked.

What should I do with it then?  Should I keep it on my Pc? Will that make the Pokerus stay and just use it when I need to spread it to my Pokemon that I will EV train?
I always spread to a bunch of Pokemon first. Random  ones and keep them in the PC for Future use. So now, Just spread PokeRus. Don't worry about training.
Okay so I will keep it on my PC then spread it when I need it? Keeping it on PC will make the PokeRus stay? EV training is not that hard for me except it will be faster of course specially when EV training for Special Atk since litwick and elgyem only gives 1 EVs + 4 from power lens right.
I just realized, you can find timburs at phinweel forest that level, i just thought the OT found it lvl 15 conkeldurr already and lvl 15 which is impossible so i thought it was hacked, i forgot you can catch timburs there then evolve at 25 then evolve through trade. Thanks a bunch.
Keeping it in the PC will not spread it. It needs to be in your party. The pc is so it never disappears.
Thanks, I'll keep it for future use =D