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I own Pokemon Black and White. I want to have interactions between my two profiles, but I only have one Nintendo DSi. How can I get the most out games with only one DSi?

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You will need at least two ds to do anything with the two games at one time. If you want to trade pokemon you can try something but its INCREDIBLY risky as you can lose the pokemon you are trading over. First you need wifi. Go to GTS and deposit the pokemon you want in the other game.Put up a pokemon you know you dont mind trading away to the other game.After depositing your pokemon quickly switch the games and enter the GTS from the other game. Search for the trade you just put up and trade with yourself. This is risky as anyone can get on GTS and take your pokemon thats why you must be quick.

Example: i put up a zekrom on GTS from my white.I then switch to my black and trade a pokemon i selected for that zekrom. Easy enough

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