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Let's say I have a Kangashkhan with Choice Band. He uses DynamicPunch. When the PPs of this attack runs out, does Kangashkhan use Struggle or he can now use another move?

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She will Struggle. Obvious answer.

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Kangaskhan are all female. Then do they breed 0_o
... Why did you slect this answer?
2 minutes ago I'm trying to pass Swampert on Pokebase
Right..... But all the answer equally helped me.
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The Pokemon will be forced to use struggle. It was only able to use one move, and when you are using only one move and you cannot use it anymore, you struggle. This can happen like you said due to PP loss, or if the opponent uses disable or a similar move.

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From personal experience i can confirm when you run out of pp while choiced you do struggle, its happened to me before with scarfogre using thunder on arena trap dugtrio.

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Choiceogre Thunder + Dugtrio = Fail.
Yeh he switched in on my thunder and set up a sub then 6 home claws -__-