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NOTE! Possible spoilers.


Check below. The top pictures show nothing extra, but the bottom ones show "ropes' from tail to back and their arms, antennas, & tails are glowing. Are these extra forms?? Notice these physical changes are permanent on the sprites. In B/W, Zekrom's & Reshiram's tails would glow, but that's it. Completely COSMETIC.

I posted about these possible forms when info was released on BulbaNews, but the post was promptly taken down. I don't know whether the info was wrong or it was never supposed to go up. They called them Overdrive Statuses.

Kyurem BlackKyurem White

Black Kyurem White Kyurem

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It appears the tails act as a power source and the 'tubes' take it and put it into the upper body. But hey, Game Freak designed them and that's how they came out. This is the same B&W Kyurem, it's just Game Freak most likely decided to add in a little extra before the game came out.

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These tubes starts glowing and appearing when black-kyurem and white-kyurem use either the moves 'Ice burn' or 'freeze shock'. It is unkown if it appears whenever it uses that move or if it appears when it uses that move after its been attacked by the opposite moves. (if you have black-kyurem then it may glow if its attacked from a white kyurem using ice burn).

thats only in the anime