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I know Abomasnow, Hippowdon, Deoxys-D, and Keldeo are now OU. I also know Metang is RU. But what about any other changes?

And I'd rather you not give me some link, just put them all down in your answer. I'll get Zach to vote you up! :D

Why would you use tiers. There annoying. I raise Pokemon I like and are good at the same time. My team im raising as of now is charizard and gallade.
U use tiers because everyone else does, and most people don't battle without tiers, not to mention you can't enter tournaments without using tiers. That is part of the meta game, if you don't like either pull up your skirt or don't battle conpetitively
Tiers are good, as I'd rather not be facing Kyogre every battle.
Very well said, both of you.

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I'll find them as I go. Anyway:

  • Mew is OU. From UU.
  • Snover is UU. From BL.
  • Porygon-Z is UU. From BL2.
  • Scrafty is UU. From OU.
  • Nidoqueen is RU. From UU.
  • Quagsire is RU. From NU.
  • Mienshao is UU. From OU.
  • Magmortar is RU. From NU.
  • Escavalier is RU. From UU.
  • Cryogonal is RU. From NU.
  • Golurk is NU. Was RU.
  • Kyurem-B is Uber.
  • Kyurem-W is Uber.
  • Tornadus-T is OU.
  • Thundurus-T is OU.
  • Landorus-T is OU.

Source: Me going through the tiers and seeing the changes, and this.

New tier changes! (October 2012)

  • Virizion is UU. From OU.
  • Tornadus is UU. From OU.
  • Meloetta is UU. From OU.
  • Meloetta-P is UU. From OU.
  • Cofagrigus is UU. From RU.
  • Genesect is OU.
  • Keldeo is OU.
  • Stoutland is RU. From UU.

New tier changes! (October 12, 2012)

  • Garchomp is OU. From Uber

New Tier changes! (November 22, 2012)

  • Durant is RU. From BL2.
  • Cresselia is RU. From BL2. (This makes no sense.)

New Tier Changes! November something, 2012

  • Kyurem-B is OU. From Uber.

New Tier changes... (November 30, 2012)


Some random time:

  • Cresselia is BL2. Was RU.

New tier changes! January 2, 2013:

  • Abomasnow has moved to UU. From OU.
  • Chansey has moved to UU. From OU.
  • Absol has been moved to RU. From NU.
  • Amoonguss has moved to RU. From NU.
  • Cinccino has moved to RU. From NU.
  • Emboar has been moved to RU. From NU.
  • Snover has been moved to RU. From NU.
  • Roselia has been moved to NU. From RU.
  • Stoutland has been moved to NU. From RU.

1 / 19 / 13

  • Tornadus-T moved into Ubers. From OU.
  • Chansey moved to BL. From UU.

2 / 27 / 13

  • Deoxys-D was moved to Ubers. From OU.

4 / 1 / 13

  • Nidoqueen moved from RU to UU.
  • Scoilipede, Primeape, Munchlax moved from RU to NU.

Source: Looked through tier lists.

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I dunno...Genesect is better than Scizor, that's why he was banned xD
True true but I have a knack for bug/steel pokemon genesect,scizor,durant
Durant is sexy. Hone Claws eats up stuff for breakfast, really.
Chansey  is in BL
Chanseys been BL for about a week now