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I have all these TM's in my normal inventory, key items, and TM storage.. I want to know how I can get these TM's out of my main inventory and key items... This is on my Pokemon Black game

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No offence, but, it sorta serves you right for using Action Replay...
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As far as I know, there is no way to fix putting the TMs and HMs in your Key Items pocket, but in your regular inventory, it's as simple as tossing them, as you would a normal item. From your TM pockets and Key Items though, I'd say you're stuck with them, since you can't toss or trade either category of item, and since you can't really overwrite the slots in any way with a different item, they'll likely stay there.

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The thing glitched idk why but now Im stuck with that.. But hey I got 3 Resherames cuz of the action replay
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first off dont use AR's(action replay) without a trow away DS (a DS u have but u dont use) because it will destroy your ds system. second you may wanna try putting them into your pc if u can still do that other than that i dont have any more advise i can give on this problem sorry.

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An Action Replay has no potential to destroy your DS system. That is a myth used to discourage people from hacking with it.