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I just caught darkrai a day ago and it was so hard,help me pick a good moveset for it.

Darkrai learnset

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I might be a new person, but I am the master of stall sweeping teams. Check this moveset out.

Dark Void- much more accurate than hypnosis, which is 60 accuracy compared to 80. It makes use of darkrai's ability and puts foe to sleep.
Double team- While the opponent is sleeping, you are able to set up double team, making this guy hard to hit.
Nasty Plot- Raises special attack by 2 stages, after nasty plot and double team maxed, your opponent is completely screwed.
Dream Eater- The signature move for darkrai, great power and works well with dark void, also allows darkrai to regain health.

EV's- 252 SAtk 252 Spd 4 HP
Ability- Bad dreams
Item- Leftovers
Timid Nature

Darkrai is an amazing pokemon that is capable of sweeping an entire team. Even though his only attacking move is dream eater, which won't do much to steel, or have no affect on dark, Darkrai's ability will eventually cause the opponent to attack and once darkrai is set up with maxed out nasty plot, anything resistant to dream eater still stands no chance. The only threat to this moveset would be a Dusknoir with something like shadow punch. Even considering all of this, shadow punch wouldn't do very much and leftovers should provide enough health coverage so that any opponent would fall after 8 turns.
Dream eater ain't a signature move

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I would say that this is pretty good (this is the first time I've done this so lay off a little bit)

252 SP ATK, 252 SP DEF, 4 DEF.
Quiet nature (+SP ATK, -SPD)
Ability-Bad Dreams (duh)
Item-Zoom Lens

Dark void- The key move of this set. 80% accuracy which is higher than hypnosis (60%) and sing (55%). The zoom lens however gives it even more accuracy pretty much meaning it gets them to sleep every time.

Nightmare-coupled with Bad Dreams this can to some serious accumulative damage.

Dream Eater-A means to heal yourself from the previous attack (if there was one most likely will be) and does serious damage at 90 base power.

Brick break/Focus Blast/Power Up Punch-Just in case a dark type comes along as psychic doesn't affect dark and dream eater is psychic type move.

So there is my moveset, which is pretty handy.
Constructive criticism would be appreciated.

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I don't have the time to give reasons why for the moves but ill try.

Dark Pulse:Really do I have to explain why you have to have this move?!

Psychic:Fighting type coverage

Dream Eater:Fighting type coverage and is your low on hp.And moo moo milk!

Dark Void:Helps you eat the defending Pokemon's dreams and also its DARKRAI'S SIGNITURE MOVE GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!

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