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you could use a sableye :)
He said WITHOUT trading
you can get sableye in challengers cave. in pokemon balck and white

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There is Golurk,Cofagrigas,Chandulure and all of their pre-evolutions as Ghost Types. For Dark Types there is Hydregion,Bisharp,Krookodile and all of their pre-evolutions.

Ghost Types:

Dark Types:

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thaks alot thats going to be my ghost/dark team. now i just got to get a new cofagrigas, a golurk, up my zweiolus's lvl to hydregion and up my krokorock's lvl.

that going to take like 5-10 hours tho :/
what about after you get the the national dex
Don't forget Scrafty.
i just put three of each types
Forget Krooky!! Scrafty FTW!!!
If you are looking for some more defensive pokemon you might want to throw in Jellicent or the unpopular Scrafty.
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You could also have a Sableye.
Found in the challengers cave after you finish the game.
If you need it before the E4,I have 4 sableyes ready for trade,I can trade as soon as I get Wi-Fi,(which won`t be long)