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I want to bring my pokemon over from red version to platinum but I don't know how, can anyone tell me?

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If you're talking about Pokemon Red the Gameboy game and Pokemon Platinum the DS game, then you simply can't. They completely overhauled the Pokemon system in the third generation (Ruby/Sapphire) and you can't trade from the Gameboy games to later games.

However, if you mean FireRed, then you can do as marcus said and migrate Pokemon. You need to beat the Elite 4 then go to Pal Park, south of Sandgem Town.

aww... really? my sis has sapphire and i have ruby, and i said i will give  her some of my strong Pokemon (beacause shes starting out and i beat all the gym leaders and im on victory road right now) and she will be so disappointed. :(
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if its fire red you can migrate pokemon by having both games in the ds at the same time if its just red you cant

Of course, you can only do this once you have beat the elite four and pal park has opened.