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I once put my lvl.58 Luxray in a pokemon PC But then like a week later it was gone! What happaned to it?

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Is this on a real copy of Platinum, on DS? Not a ROM?

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Maybe you left it in the Daycare. Maybe you released it and forgot. Nobody can tell you what happened exactly. You game might also be glitched.

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Its not in the Daycare AND REALLY RELEASEING A LV58 LUXURY sorry you do have a good answer. Sorry about the you Don't have a good answer I miss spelled
The same thing happened to my friend, only it was a shiny blue Swinub. It is a glitch. BTW: That really stinks, sorry that happened to you.
theres nothing else that could have happened .-. you can accidently release stuff too so even though its not much its pretty much the best answer you can get. unless you give more info
Dude, sorry about that.
how is this not a good answer? he basically said probably all the possibilities. You never said that it wasn't in the daycare nor it was released in your question. Also, releasing lv.58 luxray isn't really something hard(unless you ev trained+good nature+good iv without AR).
I didn't use AR.
Still, i find his answer very good.
It is probably just a glitch connorg ; )
aaa....... guys I miss spelled it so please stop saying that.Also,Does any one know people are hiding my questions