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It is not holding an everstone, and the game has never been hacked or pirated or anything like that. Is it a glitch?


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Right, this question gets asked a lot. Here is probably what's wrong:

  • There is something wrong with the Swablu. Maybe catch another one?
  • Have you got Pokemon in the game over Level 35 who have evolved? If they have, it proves somethings wrong with Swablu
  • Your game is probably glitched. Maybe raise it to level 41, and if there is no evolution, definitely catch another one
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I have to keep my on ALL the time so it dosen't delete my data
What? That doesn't make sense?
Many GBA Pokemon games don't save after they have seen heavy use, so you have to keep them on all the time, because saving it does nothing.
Pokepal188, I had a game like that. We opened it up, and it turned out there was a scratch cutting right through the circuit. The one that would be responsible for data saving. It was a used game i bought, a Leafgreen.
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Yes there is something wrong with your game. Swablu is suppose to evolve on level 35 and does not require any special conditions to evolve. Try catching a new Swablu and see if that one will evolve. If not you will either need to start a new game(Not sure if this one will work.) or buy a new copy to evolve a Swablu.