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I have connection to everything in the game, i can trade and battle and all that but when i try to tuck pokemon in, it says i have to wait a day for it to recharge, i have waited a day and still cant get a pokemon tucked in. i dont know why my C-gear is flashing red for my online part, ive read that it means that something isnt working properly and i dont know what that is. please help.
sorry i don't know how to use it, should i restart my game to fix my problems will this fix it?

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First off, why is this tagged PO? But when you say switched, do you mean turned it off? Well, if it shows red it has nothing to do with Dream world. Let me explain.

It will be red on your C-Gear when you aren't in the range of other Dsis, or aren't connecting with them. Stuff like that. Not wi-fi, but wireless communications.

You can't access Dream World when you have no Wi-Fi. If you can't access dream world, that doesn't mean the light is red, only that your wireless communications aren't up. Or maybe your communications are disabled.

How to turn wireless communication on or off:

On the Nintendo DSi Menu, use the stylus to select the Settings ("wrench") icon.
Select "Wireless Communication Settings," then select the desired setting ("On" or "Off").
Select "OK" to save the changes.

My online thing is red, and i swiched to a diffenent dsi system. idk why i tagged in po, though it was an online problem sorry.
as in the cirlces in my c-gear for online are flashing red, i have internet access and i can connect and do everything else but dream world
dreamworld should be on a computer!
it wont let me tuck in pokemon so i can get to dream world on computer.
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You need get to new codes the same way you got the first and enter on Pokemon Global Link, also you let your C gear recharge since you took your Black/White out of the first.

Hope this helps